Burner wont light – Lennox whisperheat

______________________________________________________________________ As the title says Lennox Whisperheat model G20Q3/4E-100-3 TStat calling for heat – burner goes into startup cycle can see pilot light through door but main burner wont light – continuos clicking sound heard (I guess its the electronic ignition) and blower starts and runs. Unit just wont fire the main burners – Any help would be appreciated. Tim [this message was edited by tim4 on Fri 18 Jan 08:40] Replies: northernfitter “Re(1):Burner wont light – Lennox whisperheat” , posted Fri 18 Jan 19:21 ______________________________________________________________________ The ignition module is not sensing flame 99% that the flame sensor is dirty which sucks to clean on a whisperheat 12years as a service tech in Ottawa and the valley. Just left Direct Energy to start my own company. Go to www.reliableheating.ca or email me at adrian@reliableheating.ca roosno2 “Re(2):Burner wont light – Lennox whisperheat” , posted Sun 10 Feb 09:01 ______________________________________________________________________ I was having intermittent lighting of my burner, so I cleaned the flame sensor and pilot assembly. Now I have it all re-assembled and I’m not getting any LED light on the IPI control board (Johnson G776RGD-10). The damper door just opens and the furnace just hums. I can get the blowers to work if I use the summer time fan setting on the t-stat. Did I mess something up with the pilot assembly or do you think I need a new control board? Thanks roosno2 “Re(3):Burner wont light – Lennox whisperheat” , posted Sun 10 Feb 10:12 ______________________________________________________________________ I installed the damper door spring incorrectly. I can get it to light the burners and run the blowers, but it won’t continue to heat to the desired thermostat setting without some coaxing. marchvac “Re(4):Burner wont light – Lennox whisperheat” , posted Sun 10 Feb 10:30 ______________________________________________________________________ How long does the main flame stay on for. Is the blower staying on after the flame goes out. Is the filter clean and all of the registers open. You can also try jumping the R and W terminal on the thermostat to rule out the stat. Be careful sometimes you don’t get a second chance