Faulty thermostat? Wrong replacement?

______________________________________________________________________ How do I get a suspected defective thermostat replaced under the terms of the warranty? Last June (2007) I purchased a Honeywell thermostat from Korte Electric to replace a Waterfurnace one (TA32E12) that worked fine for 10 years and suddenly stopped working. The replacement got my geothermal air-conditioning back in service. Now that the heating season is upon us, I find that the new thermostat calls for auxiliary heat during each heat cycle, thereby negating the value of a geothermal system. My electric bill doubled in November and the cold months are still ahead. Korte Electric was more than happy to sell me a thermostat as a vendor for Honeywell. Korte Electric, who sold me the thermostat, will not replace it without a service call on their part because they did not install it. They did tell me that under the circumstances I described they generally find that the thermostat is defective. Honeywell won’t answer my questions to test for defects because I purchased from a wholesale distribution center. Home Depot doesnt handle these thermostats, therefore I was forced to buy from a wholesale distribution center. What good is a warranty on a part if I cant get answers? How do I know that this is actually the correct thermostat for the original Waterfurnace TA32E12? Korte sold it as such. Honeywell support wont confirm that this is even the correct part. My Waterfurnace is a single-stage compressor with electric auxiliary heat and cooling. The installation instructions for the T8511M 1010 (TA32H01) factory settings indicate that a display of 00 will have no difference in displayed temperature and actual room temperature. The actual difference is never closer than 3 degrees on other thermometers set around the room. My original thermostat never varied from those other thermometers. I spent 45 minutes on Dec. 20, 2007 with Honeywell support and the end result was that they could not give support on this thermostat and referred me back to my vendor. My vendor won’t give me support without a service charge to “prove” that there is a defect. Thanks Replies: heatinglady “Re(1):Faulty thermostat? Wrong replacement?” , posted Sat 22 Dec 09:16: ______________________________________________________________________ my friend who is a licensed plumber, after I did the leg work and purchased it. (never touch anything electrical with power on unless instructions specifically state to do so and even then with extreme caution) Thanks [this message was edited by heatinglady on Sat 22 Dec 09:18] Houston204 “Re(2):Faulty thermostat? Wrong replacement?” , posted Sat 22 Dec 11:05: ______________________________________________________________________ Does you plumber know much about heat pumps? I’d have it checked by an HVAC contractor. “Tip of the Day” Remember to remove power first. [this message was edited by Houston204 on Sat 22 Dec 11:21] heatinglady “Re(3):Faulty thermostat? Wrong replacement?” , posted Mon 24 Dec 12:27 ______________________________________________________________________ yes Houston204 “Re(1):Faulty thermostat? Wrong replacement?” , posted Fri 21 Dec 19:34 ______________________________________________________________________ Who installed this thermostat? “Tip of the Day” Remember to remove power first.