______________________________________________________________________ where do the filters go in a singer furnace cant find them [this message was edited by biscuitsmom on Sun 4 Dec 19:58] Replies: biscuitsmom “Re(1):desperate” , posted Sun 4 Dec 20:00 ______________________________________________________________________ tinner73 “Re(1):desperate” , posted Sun 4 Continue reading

honeywell chronotherm IV thermostat problem

21:18 ______________________________________________________________________ I’ve 3 systems – each with the honeywell 8601d thermostat. One thermostat has gone funky. It won’t take any heat setting, it won’t go to fan on, etc. I changed the front half from a working system to Continue reading

Problem with Clare gas furnace!!

______________________________________________________________________ This summer we moved into a home with a Clare Megasave HEMB Series B gas furnace(installed 1990) Prior to the heating season it was cleaned and serviced and it ran well for a week. Then, one night it shut Continue reading

Different brand indoor outdoor heat pumps

______________________________________________________________________ Please help. My indoor unit is a Rheem and my outdoor unit is a Coleman heatpump. My outdoor unit is freezing up. A technician told me the pressures with not looking right and that the 2 units were incompatible. Continue reading

Carrier Crusader won’t stay lit! COLD!

______________________________________________________________________ I just bought a house back in october. Everything has been going fine until this morning I woke up freezing. My heater is acting like what I’ve seen them do when they’ve got a bad thermocouple. The electronic pilot Continue reading

heating works but only on fan

______________________________________________________________________ I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about a problem I am currently facing. My heater works but only when set to fan, but not auto. Is this something that can be fixed by me or do i Continue reading

Fan runs continuously!

______________________________________________________________________ Our fan runs constantly even when thermostat is set to “auto” and there is no call for heat. I think the settings on the limit switch may need to be changed – does anyone know what they should be Continue reading

Trane XL1200 pressure

______________________________________________________________________ Hi, I have a XL1200 which is a 3ton unit. The pressure on the in and out lines both read 150 when the unit is completely off or when the unit is running. When running, for about 30 seconds Continue reading

“bad ignition, but furnace runs great” , posted Thu 10 Nov 18:15 ______________________________________________________________________ I have a Lennox propane furnace (circa 1994) with a heatcraft control board upgrade. The problem is when it tries to start the exhaust fan and the propane will kick on but no ignition. I can get it to light (very carefully) with a BBQ grill lighter and it will run normally. I know that a new control board is a few hundred dollars, but would there be way I could replace a component on the circuit board (which the diagnostics show as normal), if replacement of the ignition plug or a new wire failed to work? Thank you for the help any one might have. just saving cash Replies: tinman “Re(1):bad ignition, but furnace runs great” , posted Thu 10 Nov 19:17 ______________________________________________________________________ Do you have a spark ignitor(clicking)or is it a hot surface ignitor.Sounds like it is your hot surface ignitor and not a circuit board problem.It is located right in front of your burners usually 2 white wires going to it.120 volts powers it if you have power going to it and it does not glow to light the main gas replace it. pxfwichita “Re(2):bad ignition, but furnace runs great” , posted Thu 10 Nov 22:11 ______________________________________________________________________ to: “tinman” They’re the clicking kind, i assume the type that sparks(clicking). It has a thick black wire that runs from a black cylinder on the main board connecting to two bare wires that set in the path of the flame, they are the thickness of hanger wire. One i guess is the positive and the other ground. There is also a separate apparatus that i think is a flame sensor assembly with a braided white insulated wire that goes to it. Thank you so much for your help!!! just saving cash acefurnacefixer “Re(3):bad ignition, but furnace runs great” , posted Fri 11 Nov 07:03 ______________________________________________________________________ All the heathcraft board does is work the blower and inducer. The ignition is controled buy a ignition control box. What you need to find out is if you have low voltage present at the ignition control box. Should have 24 volts between common and hot, if you dont then possibly the pressure switch is not closing due to a blocked vent, or you have a open limit circut.If you have 24 volts at the control and no spark then the control is bad. Yes! I CAN fix that!