A coil freezes up.

______________________________________________________________________ Just the other day I came home to a warm home. The thermostat was set on 74, however it was hotter in the house. The furnace fan was running and I went over to one regester to feel the Continue reading

A coil iceing up

______________________________________________________________________ What would cause the coil to freezup.Lowside pressure is 44psi High side is 255psi and outside air is 90F? Filters are new Acoil looks clean.And have ok airflow across evaperator. Replies: henrytitus “Re(1):” , posted Mon 3 Oct 18:07 Continue reading

heat operating on highspeed fan

______________________________________________________________________ I installed a Honeywell CT3200 this spring. Air cooling is fine all summer. Now on heat I find that it is still blowing on high speed. Before it cycles off it kicks down to the low speed for about Continue reading

Horizontal Keeprite?

______________________________________________________________________ In getting quotations for a new high efficiency furnace, the one tech said their wasn’t enough height for a new 40″ Keeprite so the coil would have to be raised (more work). The other tech said it would be Continue reading

furnace blows but no heat

______________________________________________________________________ The furnace will power up the blower but the furnace itself is not powering up. Had a problem once before with a vacuum hose but it’s intact. It’s a Honewell/Carrier and about 8 yrs old. Thanks K Replies: fireweaver67 Continue reading

New A/C install

______________________________________________________________________ Couple of dumb questions on my new install I live in a 1400 foot condo and am replaciong A/C and furnace. Because my return air opening is in the living room, fan noise is excessive. If I install the Continue reading

New gas to replace 35-year-old oil

______________________________________________________________________ Hey everyone, I work in the plumbing department of a Home Depot, and I’ve learned the value of talking to experts before starting out on a job. (“No, sir, it’s probably not a good idea for you to use Continue reading

Electrical Restart Required after 15 Minutes

16:55: ______________________________________________________________________ Hello! My Day & Night unit heats fine for 15 minutes (two cycles), then shuts off inexplicably. Turning down the thermostat, then back up will restart the unit for 15 minutes. Similarly, switching the furnace power off, then Continue reading

no heat from payne model 383kav

______________________________________________________________________ Ok here is the story. I tried to tun my heat on for the first time last night. The blower would come on for about a minute and then go off. Nothing else would happen. I got out the Continue reading

Useful Life

______________________________________________________________________ Hello! I have a 395CAV036075, and just realized the sticker is dated 1987. Is this beyong it’s “usable life”? If it works, shold I replace it anyway? Do I need to get a smaller unit than 99K BTU for Continue reading