Lennox HP26 Heat Pump

______________________________________________________________________ I was told this unit has a variable speed fan. Does this mean it will operate at a slower speed when demand is not that great? Or does the fan change speeds during ramp up and down? [this message Continue reading

new goodman install

______________________________________________________________________ just installed a 93 percent effecient furnace.on initial start-up the draft blower comes on for about 15 sec.then the ignitor comes on but the gas valve doesn’t activate..The LED has a constant flash which according to the troubleshooting quide Continue reading

Wiring a Honeywell RTH7500D Thermostat

______________________________________________________________________ I am trying to install 2 Honeywell RTH7500 programmable thermostats to control 2 (out of three) separate zones (1st floor & 2nd floor) within my house. The old thermostat (TrolAtemp) on the 1st floor had 6 wires, R, W, Continue reading

Blower Runs

______________________________________________________________________ Armstrong Ultra SX 90 Furnace Model GUK075D14-2B Serial 8497M21956 Replaced a burned out board (Honeywell) last summer and hooked it up according to the wiring diagram. The blower ran continuosly but at least the a/c worked so I let Continue reading


______________________________________________________________________ What is the industry standard for thermostat wiring to electric heat and heat pump? Replies: acefurnacefixer “Re(1):wiring” , posted Fri 28 Oct 19:56 ______________________________________________________________________ http://toad.net/~jsmeenen/wiring.html Yes! I CAN fix that! Xenos “Re(2):wiring” , posted Sat 29 Oct 07:42 ______________________________________________________________________ Continue reading

Old Thermostat Wires Are not Labelled…

______________________________________________________________________ Hi, I bought a new 4+1+1 thermostat that I’d like to replace my old thermostat with. My old thermostat however is as old as my furnace from 1979. I took the old thermostat off and it looks like the Continue reading


______________________________________________________________________ I have a honeywell T8411R 1028 (2) Wired G=grn C=blue R=red W1&Y=yel L blank W2+white E=brown B= blank O=#FFFAF0 I want to change to honeywell Y594G 1252 It has terminals W3 W2 G R X L E Y O Continue reading

scroll type compressor

______________________________________________________________________ Have a scroll type compressor that make a weird noise when first kick in. Just one time. like it has a bent valve in it. I put the gauges on it and it will peg the high side one Continue reading

Air blowing through my condensate drain?

______________________________________________________________________ Hello, New home, Payne PA10 outside and Payne PG8m in attic (horizontal config). I was in my attic and noticed quite a bit of air blowing through the condensate drain pipe when the AC is on. So much air Continue reading