“pressures & temps” , posted Tue 13 Sep 16:19 ______________________________________________________________________ your technician should be able to explain to you what the pressures and temperatures mean. The next time he visits ask him- “how do the pressures relate to the indoor and outdoor temperatures.” If your technician is not capable of explaining it to you, he probably doesn’t understand it himself. john tindale Replies: Freon “Re(1):pressures & temps” , posted Tue 13 Sep 19:55 ______________________________________________________________________ To be more precise, “how do the pressures relate to the indoor (WETBULB)and outdoor (DRYBULB) temperatures.” –assuming the indoor filter is new, the air flow correct and the indoor coil is clean. CoolTiger “Re(1):pressures & temps” , posted Tue 13 Sep 19:46 ______________________________________________________________________ True


09:57 ______________________________________________________________________ I just replaced my ignition controller pcb on my upstairs unit. (No AC, no blower)PCB was burnt thru at one of the relays.(common problem) The WR 50A055-571(D341122P01) was replaced with a WR 50A55-843 universal pcb. All is fine Continue reading

Zoning for variable output fans?

______________________________________________________________________ I’m replacing my zoning systems (old board burned out). Now I have a heat pump with a second stage propane furnace. In the next couple of years I’ll probably replace the furnace with a high-efficiency model with a variable Continue reading

New system questions??

______________________________________________________________________ Hey guys thanks in advance for your help. I am looking at replacing a 18 year old Trane system with a Frigidaire system. Now, my AC Tech told me it would be a 13 Seer system. But the numbers Continue reading

wiring new rth7500d

______________________________________________________________________ Old stat was h’well t87f trolAtemp, new is rth7500d. This is not a heatpump but conventional gas/ac system. (it is a 3 zoned system with the rth replacing the master) Old wiring:tempAtrol R G Y W O B I Continue reading

Trol-A-Temp thermostats? (2 zone system)

______________________________________________________________________ I want to replace the ancient thermostats on my “Trol-A-Temp” system. I have 2 zones that do both heating and air conditioning. The existing thermostats have three wires – seems one is a ground, and you simply ground one Continue reading

Help finging my filter

______________________________________________________________________ I purchased a home that has a Duomatic Olsen Furnace Model #BES2-100/90, and I can not find the location of the filter anywhere!! Could nayone help me?? My furnace makes noises when it’s on and it’s not very efficient.I’ve Continue reading

Furnace won’t ignite

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Bryant Plus 90 furnace that won’t ignite. At the end if last winter it worked fine. I went to start it today and all that happens is the exhaust blower runs and runs. I’ve checked for Continue reading

2 stage t-stat

______________________________________________________________________ i have a 2 stage furnace and one guy told me that i dont need a 2stage t-stat and one said i do . what is the pro and cons thanks jim Replies: acefurnacefixer “Re(1):2 stage t-stat” , posted Continue reading

Heil DC90 Ignitor

______________________________________________________________________ Last heating season we started to have a problem where our Heil DC90 furnace would run but not ignite the gas burner. We have had three service calls last winter, and at end of season seemed ok. Now with Continue reading