Honeywell T841 wiring help…

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Honeywell T841 with 6 wires connected to it. The connections are as follows: Y-yellow wire, G-green wire, W1-white, W2-brown, R-red, B-blue. It controls both the Lennox Elite series furnace (natural gas) and the AC. I am Continue reading

Carrier Funace Model: 58GS100GA Problems

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Carrier Gas Furnace Product Model: 58GS-100-161GA Model: 58GS100GA Serial: 2491A01124 Pilot is burning but the burners and blower never start. When trying to start the furnace my electric igniter starts sparking and after aprox 10 seconds Continue reading

“Carrier furnace turns on by self” , posted Thu 13 Oct 23:23 ______________________________________________________________________ I have a new Infinity furnace w/ control panel [tstat], and for 3rd time i notice at about 5:30am 70F it switches on the heat for about 5-7 minutes then it goes off ,and the wake time is 6am 71F,the sleep setting is 66F, i am monitoring this then i will call the service company who install it, i wanto be sure. Any input on this by someone? I read about Thermidistat goes totaly out here. Replies: Xenos “Re(1):Carrier furnace turns on by self” , posted Fri 14 Oct 06:20 ______________________________________________________________________ fireweaver67 is correct, if the thermostat is in intelligent mode its just looking at the home too see how long it takes to heat up. Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it. fireweaver67 “Re(1):Carrier furnace turns on by self” , posted Thu 13 Oct 23:43 ______________________________________________________________________ I believe what it is doing is runing on low stage so that by your wake time it is at the desired temp. not coming on at wake time and getting the house to the desired temp. I AM CANADIAN………EH!!! GYURI “Re(2):Carrier furnace turns on by self” , posted Fri 14 Oct 08:56 ______________________________________________________________________ Wel by today morning i woke up at 4:55am and the setback was gone 6:am 71F ,it was now room temp 71F and calling ofr heat at 70F, i didnt cought furnace running this time , but 1hr before is turns on? also the room temp [reading from tstat] was all night at 70-71F for the last few days, and setback is on 66F ,but idf would looking to meat the wake temp 71F 6am ,it would switch back for set temp 66F when it turns off heat no?. OUR service is for youre satisfaction & protection gyuri “Re(3):Carrier furnace turns on by self” , posted Fri 14 Oct 22:51 ______________________________________________________________________ OUR service is for youre satisfaction & protection gyuri “Re(4):Carrier furnace turns on by self” , posted Fri 14 Oct 22:53 ______________________________________________________________________ Ok ,i figured it out Smart Recovery 90 minute kiks in prior to setback ending it try to warm up the house ,so when wake up kiks on is close that setting by -1F. OUR service is for youre satisfaction & protection

lennox G20Q2E blows 2 amp fuse on control

______________________________________________________________________ this lennox blows the 2 amp glass fuse when there is a call for heat. The damper motor starts to open then the fuse blows and the wall thermostat smells of a slight smoke. I dont do a lot Continue reading

Is my W-R thermostat DOA?

______________________________________________________________________ Have a White-Rogers 1F95-371 thermostat. Every icon on the display stays on and it will not retain setting that I set in memory. Does anyone have any ideas? Should I go ahead and dig a hole for it out Continue reading

Installing Honeyweel Thermostat ct3200a

______________________________________________________________________ Hi, Hope someone can help! I’m a novice. I’m trying to install a Honeywell ct3200a thermostat for a forced air, gas furnace. I currently have a very old Honeywell thermostat with two wires attached to it. As I’m looking Continue reading

New LuxAire Furnace- Long OFF Cycle in Heat M

00:48 ______________________________________________________________________ LuxAire Furnace Model #:G8T11520UHC11B; 93,000BTUs I have a new LuxAire furnace in my home and it takes too long between OFF cycles. When I turn it on, it starts up fine and begins heating. After a few minutes Continue reading

Fan Keeps Running

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Coleman Evcon DGAT070BDF. I had just turned it on last week and it was fine. Today the heat will kick on until it hits the correct temp. and the burner will shut off but the blower Continue reading

Igniter voltage requirment?

______________________________________________________________________ Tempstar DC-90 Forced air furnace—-Honeywell Q3400A1024 sensor-igniter. The blower comes on but I can’t see any ignition through the window—-the igniter shows 6 ohms resistance. Before I pull the sensor/igniter out of the box I disconnected the connector from Continue reading

no ignition

______________________________________________________________________ Ok, this should be pretty simple. When I try to turn my furnace on for this season, the exhaust fan just runs and there is never any electronic ignition. Now, a friend of mine who works in HVAC “reset” Continue reading