“Janitrol PHJ030-1A Intermittent Fan” , posted Sat 17 Sep 10:21: ______________________________________________________________________ I have a 09 year old Janitrol PHJ030-1A Heat Pump that in A/C mode with the circulation fan ON not auto the outside cooling coil fan will turn off for about 4.5 minutes then start again and run normally for 50 or so minutes. service tech diagnosis was the crimp on the fan capacitor had corroded and he replaced the both connectors, tested unit including hi and low freon pressures, compressor operation and also cleaned the cooling coil . We didn’t have any hot weather for about 3 weeks. When we needed to use it again the symptom was exactly the same. Called company the fan must be old and drawing to much power that would cause the same symptom. Sold me a fan that I installed with no change to the problem. I have searched the forum but haven’t fournd anything that discribes the problem. I am starting a HVAC course at the local Community College in November but this is my home unit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks “illigitimi non carborundum” Translated: Don’t let the bastards grind you down [this message was edited by mustangdave68 on Sun 18 Sep 09:03] Replies: Xenos “Re(1):Janitrol PHJ030-1A Intermittent Fan” , posted Sun 18 Sep 14:57 ______________________________________________________________________ Is the fan overheating? Is the voltage and current proper at the motor? Xenos. The best way to escape a problem is to solve it.

One or Two Furnaces?

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thanks and another question

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Something to consider by new furnace buyers:

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Recall on Lennox 80MGF series Gas Furnace??

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Goodman furnace wont ignite

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Light pilot on Day/Night furnace

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rapid flashing led

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Old Rheem RGMA-10EA efficiency??

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compressor noise

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