Anyone know of the Concept I heat pump?

______________________________________________________________________ I’m trying to track down a manufacturer/manual for a Concept I heat pump installed circa 1987. Thanks, Sim Replies: Captain Obvious “Re(1):Anyone know of the Concept I heat pump?” , posted Fri 23 Sep 06:26 ______________________________________________________________________ The Concept is Continue reading

Please help me with a comfortmaker ps80

______________________________________________________________________ Hi,I have a comfortmaker ps80 and have a silly question. On the top of the unit there is a spot for what looks like a 4″ duct. There is a small blower assembly directly below it and I’m assuming Continue reading

GE ECM motor

______________________________________________________________________ Where is the best place to obtain a GE 5SME39HL0303 ECM motor? Growing every day Replies: Tinmantu “Re(1):GE ECM motor” , posted Sat 8 Oct 16:21 ______________________________________________________________________ With a ECM motor you may not need an entire motor (which Continue reading

Bryant Plus-90

11:18 ______________________________________________________________________ I just turned on our furnace for the first time this year and the electronic pilot will light but the burner will not come on. It is a Bryant Plus-90 model # 398AAW036080ADBA. I can see the pilot Continue reading

No-start furnace

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Janitrol GMPN120-5 furnace. It’s about 8 yrs old and have diagnosed issues with it before using the blinking light on the cicuit boad and the “startup sequence” described in the manual. Well, I tried to turn Continue reading

Old Rheem RGMA-10EA efficiency??

______________________________________________________________________ I can’t find this model anywhere. I’m a renter; my energy bills last year were shocking (having lived in Minnesota, I was unprepared to pay 2.5 times as much in California for a smaller home). The furnace seems old. Continue reading

Fan stays on

10:48 ______________________________________________________________________ Help!!!!!!!!!!! My fan is staying on 24hrs a day. When the thermostat calls for COOL the compressor kicks on works and blows cold air. Fan is AUTO mode and doesn’t shut off. I have even placed the thermostat Continue reading

Older gas furnace will not turn off

______________________________________________________________________ Hi. Great forum here. I know the easy answers to my problem: replace the furnace, or call for service. For a couple reasons, the furnace won’t be replaced this winter. If I light the pilot and turn the gas Continue reading

no heat & mum’s cold and cranky…

______________________________________________________________________ I have a propane furnace in a house that I rent, I turned the heat on a couple of weeks ago to make sure it was working and everything was fine, but now that its getting cold the thing Continue reading

Steam heat problems

______________________________________________________________________ I have steam heat in my house, and I had a new gas boiler installed several weeks ago (I converted to gas from oil). Since then, It has gotten colder and as I have started to use the new Continue reading