Rheem Induced Draft Motor wont start

______________________________________________________________________ Rheem (Model # RGPH – 10EBRJR) IDM wont start, ignitor wont glow. I followed Rheem’s Troubleshooting Guide and concluded a bad Intergrated Furnace Control, even found some hot spots on the board close to the flame light circuit. No Continue reading

Trane XV80 terminals

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Trane XV80 furnace and have some questions: 1. Both my thermostat and humidifier refer to a C or common terminal. I don’t see one on this furnace. Is there an equivalent? The two questions below are Continue reading

(hopefully) Simple Wiring Question…

______________________________________________________________________ Anyone want to take a shot at this? I have an Amana heat pump, and I’m trying to install one of these Hunter digital/programmable thermostats (Model 44760), but I can’t figure out the wiring. Here’s the current Amana wiring Continue reading

Ruud Intermittent Start – LED Flashes 2 Times

09:19 ______________________________________________________________________ Ruud/Rheen Outdoor Unit RRKA Series with Honeywell 62-23599 02 Automatic Ignition System When calling for heat in the early morning: 1. Can hear what sounds like the relay(s) on the Honeywell Board Kick-in. 2. Draft Inducer Blower comes Continue reading

Problem with Heatmaker Furnace – hot water

______________________________________________________________________ We recently purchased an old home with a “Heatmaker Plus” LP Gas furnace, 100HWLP. Our hot water comes from the boiler. Recently the hot water has quit — we can get the boiler to ignite & heat water, but Continue reading

“Ruud” , posted Thu 15 Sep 01:28 ______________________________________________________________________ Been out Hvac for about 7 years worked as installer for4 previous.Ruud 3 ton new install,low suction 40 vapor 275 scroll compressor.Heat pump. new line set.Put in as favor for mother.Why is suction so low. Condensate line putting out plenty of water.Installed new return with 20 / 25 grill 16 inch flex.Added refrig got suction to 60 but vapor 300.Please help me.90 degrees out side ,return air 75 supply air 60. Replies: cesarin78801 “Re(1):Ruud” , posted Fri 16 Sep 08:37 ______________________________________________________________________ is the evaporator coil also rheem? it sounds like a cloggged up evaporator coil or orifice malfunction txv open orifice housing and make sure is clear and if txv replace txv if orifice clear try different evaporator now if the sution line has low presure but cold let say you have 40 psi’s and temp is below 32 you have an air restriccion Freon “Re(2):Ruud” , posted Fri 16 Sep 15:53 ______________________________________________________________________ Check the subcooling and superheat. Check the indoor air temperature drop across the coil. If both SC and SH are high (> 15 degrees) and the air temperature drop is low (~10 to 12 degrees), I’d suspect a restriction, possibly something from the new lineset/installation process. CoolTiger “Re(1):Ruud” , posted Thu 15 Sep 11:57 ______________________________________________________________________ TXV valve or orifice? If orifice, did you use the one came with the condenser? Line size and distance? How many 90 elbows? Condenser above coil? Toolman35me “Re(2):Ruud” , posted Thu 15 Sep 23:27 ______________________________________________________________________ Orfice I suppose is refered to in book as piston.Was in coil from factory .The line size is 3/4 and 3/8s. There is five elbows on suction and two on vapor. The condenser is below the coil. The line set is about 18 feet. Toolman35me “Re(3):Ruud” , posted Thu 15 Sep 23:31 ______________________________________________________________________ I am sorry but the machine is Rheem not Ruud CoolTiger “Re(4):Ruud” , posted Fri 16 Sep 17:27 ______________________________________________________________________ Exactly what I thought… You need to check in the install manual for the condenser… it will tell you what size piston you are supposed to use… make sure that is what in the coil. Manufacturer do not install the right orifice for the size they sell… they put something that is in between the smaller and the size stated. Did you install new additional liquid line drier/filter? Just like freon said… possible restriction… this is due to the piston size and/or contamination in lineset when brazing.

Furnace short cycline

______________________________________________________________________ I have 16 year old York forced air gas furnace that started short cycling a couple winters ago. I replaced the mercury switch thermostat with a Honeywell electronic prorammable unit but this did not change anything. In heating months Continue reading

Hissing thermostat?

______________________________________________________________________ Hello, This is my first post. I just moved into an apartment and it has an older looking thermostat (1970s? 1980s?) that makes a constant hissing/humming noise. Is there any danger from this? Some thermostats have mercury right? What Continue reading

Heat Pump maintenance or repair

______________________________________________________________________ I just bought my home in February. It is 5 yrs old and the previous owners were seniors. I am not sure if they ever did any kind of maintenance to the heat pump. I don’t know if any Continue reading

Carrier SX58 Furnace: Hot Surface Igniter

______________________________________________________________________ My Mom has a Carrier SX58 Furnace purchased in 1991. Almost every year she has to replace the hot surface igniter. The part costs less than $50 but the service call costs about $75. I’ve searched the web looking Continue reading