Which is better furnace?

______________________________________________________________________ We were going to buy an Armstrong 92% efficiency gas furnace since it has steel heat exchangers with a 10 year warranty on parts and 10 year warranty on the exchanger. Armstrong also offers a completely new furnace if Continue reading

ID Fan – Lockout mode

______________________________________________________________________ I have a duomatic Olsen High Efficency Gas furnace. Two or three times a heating season,the ID fan will be running but the burners are not on.The fan will run until it get so hot you can touch it.I Continue reading

Furnace problem

______________________________________________________________________ When the thermostat calls for heat, The blower instantly comes on. While the blower is on, I can see the spark ignitor working and gets the pilot light lit, then that heats up a rod when glowing turns on Continue reading

Pilot light on lennox G1202

______________________________________________________________________ I have a lennox G1202-82-6 with a White-Rodgers 36C53 gas valve. The pilot light must have gone out over the summer, I have lit it several times and it stays lit as I hold down the pilot button but Continue reading

Consendation line extension

______________________________________________________________________ I have a condensation line, 1″ PVC tube, coming from my furnace/AC unit that leads to the outside. The tube terminates in a very bad location. The line drops right in the corner between a chimney and the house, Continue reading

Rite Temp 8082c?

______________________________________________________________________ I have no “C” wire to alow the remote to work form my transformer for the two Rite Temp 8082c’s I just purchased. http://www.ritetemp-thermostats.com/Product_Instructions.html I’m woundering if it’s possible to get power to a “C” wire/conection from the two Continue reading

explosive start

______________________________________________________________________ My old intercity furnace usually starts fine. Occasionally, not all three burners will imediately light causing a buildup and after a few seconds a ‘minor’explosion. I assume this is due to improper allignment and or worn or disformed channels Continue reading

heat wont come on

______________________________________________________________________ I have a honeywell ct3500 and iam trying to get the heat to come on,but still no heat. What does the blue wire connect to? Any suggestions appreciated. get r” done Replies: Xenos “Re(1):heat wont come on” , posted Continue reading

rusted inducer box

______________________________________________________________________ I have a carrier (580anw030080aaaf) and it was sitting for a while and rusted. I jumped past the pressure switch and it worked fine other than the inducer fan running noisely. The inducer fan finally gave out. It overheated Continue reading

Freeze in cool High Pressure Cutoff in Heat

11:27: ______________________________________________________________________ I have an 8 year old Rheem that has been freezing the indoor coil while in cooling mode, several techs have inspected and said that there was probably a freon leak. When switching to heat mode, the high Continue reading