Maybe the glow plug?????

______________________________________________________________________ We have a RUUD SILHOUETTE II gas furnace…we bought this house in November, 2000. We had it checked prior to the homebuyers protection running out and the guy said it might be the glow plug. It sometimes lights up Continue reading

fan on outside unit wont turn

______________________________________________________________________ the unit was squealing yesterday. today the fan on the outside unit wont turn at all. what do i need to do? Replies: Xenos Webmaster “Re(1):fan on outside unit wont turn” , posted Thu 7 Nov 19:12 ______________________________________________________________________ I Continue reading

Natural Gas Freestanding Stove

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Reyco Eagle 5000 Gas Fired Freestanding Stove Serial Number 6263, It used to be connected to Natural gas, On the Manual it says it is for Natural or propane gas, I was wondering do I need Continue reading

Low discharge temperature

______________________________________________________________________ York Heat pump air conditioner. Model E1CS048A06A This problem is on a residential unit that is twelve years old. After running the unit for aproximately 70 minuites it goes into a fault mode this is indicated on the thermostat Continue reading

Heat Pump flooding house

______________________________________________________________________ During the summer months our heat pump return water line freezes up and causes the excess moisture to spill out of the collection pan and fill up the bottom of the unit. When i take the front panel off Continue reading

AC Comp trips circuit after 10 mins

______________________________________________________________________ My outdoor conpressor unit, runs, it cools, but after 10 mins of operation it trips the circuit on mu breaker box. The fuse outside with the unit is fine (or so I think). Any ideas what’s up???? Replies: xenos111 Continue reading

Janitrol air handler blower motor

______________________________________________________________________ My janitrol indoor air handler is 15 ears old. The blower motor comes on for about 3 minutes then it is off for 30 seconds then it cycles every 40 seconds on and off. I shut down the a/c Continue reading