Electric Furnace

______________________________________________________________________ Hey … on these newer all electric heat furnaces that come with a circuit board.. do they work different then the old sequencing type ones? I see that there are little one pole sequencers.. or maybe they aint even Continue reading

Fan stays on all the time

______________________________________________________________________ I have an Intertherm heat pump and a hunter thermostat. When I bought the house it came with a manual thermostat. Since swapping over to my hunter thermostat the fan cycles correctly for the cool cycle but will stay Continue reading

HM30 probs

______________________________________________________________________ Have worked around most typical HM30-150 probs. . i.e., leaks (used waterproof epoxy), bad (corroded) ignitors, etc. Currently: Flame will not start. Getting a Watchguard indication of “No flame”. There is a new ignitor/flamesensor in place. Plenty of gas Continue reading

honeywell chronotherm IV thermostat problem

21:18 ______________________________________________________________________ I’ve 3 systems – each with the honeywell 8601d thermostat. One thermostat has gone funky. It won’t take any heat setting, it won’t go to fan on, etc. I changed the front half from a working system to Continue reading

Problem with Clare gas furnace!!

______________________________________________________________________ This summer we moved into a home with a Clare Megasave HEMB Series B gas furnace(installed 1990) Prior to the heating season it was cleaned and serviced and it ran well for a week. Then, one night it shut Continue reading

Different brand indoor outdoor heat pumps

______________________________________________________________________ Please help. My indoor unit is a Rheem and my outdoor unit is a Coleman heatpump. My outdoor unit is freezing up. A technician told me the pressures with not looking right and that the 2 units were incompatible. Continue reading

Carrier Crusader won’t stay lit! COLD!

______________________________________________________________________ I just bought a house back in october. Everything has been going fine until this morning I woke up freezing. My heater is acting like what I’ve seen them do when they’ve got a bad thermocouple. The electronic pilot Continue reading

heating works but only on fan

______________________________________________________________________ I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about a problem I am currently facing. My heater works but only when set to fan, but not auto. Is this something that can be fixed by me or do i Continue reading

Fan runs continuously!

______________________________________________________________________ Our fan runs constantly even when thermostat is set to “auto” and there is no call for heat. I think the settings on the limit switch may need to be changed – does anyone know what they should be Continue reading