bryant /intermittant spark has 5min delay

______________________________________________________________________ hello, i have a 1989 gas bryant furnace(75% efficient)model 394gaw036100. it uses the intermittant spark/flame saftey module 740a. when the thermostat requests heat the igniton sparks and the flame lights(a nice blue flame). but the main gas takes 5 Continue reading


______________________________________________________________________ I CANT SEEM TO FIGURE OUT WHAT WIRE GOES TO THE RTH230B. THE UNIT IM REPLACIG IS T8195B WHICH HAS 5 WIRES. THE TB195B IS LABLED AS R-RED, C-GREY, G-GREEN, Y-YELLOW AND W-WHITE. THE RTH230B IS RH-HEATING POWER SUPPLY, Continue reading

ancient honeywell furnace

______________________________________________________________________ hello all, we just recently bought a house, the heat in the house works great, but the detached garage has an old honeywell (looks to be from a mobile home)furnace, as is getting chilly as of late, i thought Continue reading

No blower motor

______________________________________________________________________ I have a carrier Weathermaker 9200. I got home tonight and i smelled something burning. I checked the heater and the unit was hot. I tried turning it on, it kicked on, the burner started and the draft motor Continue reading

carrier furnace problem

______________________________________________________________________ had ignition lockout this morning (LED 14), cleaned the flame sensor, and nothing. replaced the ignitor. now it works, but something is still not right with the burner closest to the ignitor. looks fine when cover plate is off, Continue reading

Pulse 21 issue

______________________________________________________________________ In the evening, we set back to 62. At 4:30 am, the automatic thermostat is programmed to bring the temperature back up to 67 for the remaining day. However, at a 65 reading on the thermostat, the furnace just Continue reading