Problem with RiteTemp 8085C – Heatpump

______________________________________________________________________ Hope somebody can assist me. I have an AC w/heatpump – Goodman. I also purchased a RiteTemp 8085C. The AC works great but the heatpump does not kick in. All the wires are connected exactly how it is described Continue reading

Help wiring RTH7500 on a central A/C

______________________________________________________________________ I have a central A/C unit to which I installed a new programmable RTH7500 thermostat. When in Cool mode, it works fine, good cool air. When in Heat mode, it blows air but not hot. The A/C unit has Continue reading

gas valve is teh click

23:28: ______________________________________________________________________ I’ve been having problems with the furnace section of my package unit. In October, I changed the draft inducer after the old one seized up and now, it’s been having new issues. It does not consistently fire up Continue reading

out door thermostat

______________________________________________________________________ is the out door thermostat the same thing as the little two wire sensor they installed in eve on my house thanks again Replies: Houston204 “Re(1):out door thermostat” , posted Sun 7 Oct 15:06: ______________________________________________________________________ An outdoor thermostat energizes Continue reading

Heil 7000 cycles on and off

______________________________________________________________________ I am not sure what a 90% furnace is. This is a furnace in a condo that we rent if that helps. It is part of a system that includes heat and central air conditioning. Fred Fred Replies: CheafeBar Continue reading

Furnace parts

______________________________________________________________________ Does anybody know where I can find parts (Exhaust motor) for Trane XE 80? I would appreciate any information that I could get. Replies: acefurnacefxr “Re(1):Furnace parts” , posted Fri 2 Nov 07:09 ______________________________________________________________________ furnace parts .com HVAC REPAIR Continue reading

old honeywell to RTH7000

______________________________________________________________________ 1-cool 2-heat(heat pump with emt heat) Old honeywell diagram G-G L-empty C-C W2-W2 R-R E-E W1-W1 }Jumper B-empty Y-empty }Connection O-O New diagram C Aux G E Y L O/B R }Jumper Rc }connection Replies: Houston204 “Re(1):old honeywell to Continue reading

Any Tips for Hvac apprentice on Troubleshoots

21:50 ______________________________________________________________________ I am starting College to learn about Heating, Ventation and Air Conditioning. I would like to learn more about troubleshoots, ways to diagnosing problems quicker. I m also wondering what tools do professional use on jobs, such as Continue reading

High Eff Funace Vent Tube Screens

______________________________________________________________________ Do vent tubes through the roof require screens to keep wasp and bird nests from plugging venting. My contractor said “No, that the vent gases would keep them away but on the inlet vent tube there would not be Continue reading