Apollo Hydro Air will not shut off

______________________________________________________________________ I am having sporadic problems with heating unit not turing off when temp is reached. Even if I turn off unit from thermostat, it keeps running hot. This has been intermittant for many months, but I believe a relay Continue reading

Changing weathertron to honeywell t8011R

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Goodman Heat Pump. Heat will not shut off.

17:51 ______________________________________________________________________ I have a GSH14 3 ton HP matched with an AEPF air handler with a 10kw aux/emergency heating coil module installed, all controlled by a Robertshaw 9820i tstat. Cooling works normally. Heat works, but when set temp is Continue reading

Honeywell rth7500 won’t turn on ac

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Rheem Criterion II – Can’t Access Filters

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Wiring a Hunter thermostat

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Trane Air Handler Fan Not working

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Trane air handler in which the fan will not come on. When I turn on my A/C, the unit outside turns on, but inside unit does not. I have been hearing a clicking sound coming from Continue reading

“Arcoaire RPJ II starts up and shuts down” , posted Fri 12 Oct 11:05 ______________________________________________________________________ Hi everyone Last year I had our Arcoaire RPJ II serviced twice because it would start up then shut right back down. I had heard of the glowplug issue before, so it was no surprise when the technician scraped it off, charged me $100, and said that should do it. The next guy replaced the thermostat for another $125. I knew the problem wasn’t totally fixed but then it was spring so I gave up. Now the problem, of course, is still here; and we want to start heating the house! Gotta love procrastination. It seems to only happen under certain conditions, and I don’t think it’s a glow plug. If the temperature of the house is 66 and the thermostat gets set to heat to 70, it works as expected and runs the burner for a while until the temperature is reached. If the temp of the house is 66 and the thermostat is set to 66 or 67, it will fire up for about 30 seconds, then shut back down, wait a minute, and keep doing it over and over. When it stays on, it heats the house properly and I can see the pretty blue flame happily burning away inside the furnace. When it gets stuck in the loop I’m not sure it’s heating the house well at all because last winter when this happened it was 50 in here. Does anyone know where I should look to make this thing behave normally? I would expect the heater to stay on for several minutes at a stretch until it’s heated the whole house by a couple degrees, then shut off for a while until it cools again. I can’t think that this constant turning on and off is good for the heater and it really isn’t effective at heating the house. Thanks for any help! I’m not a service technician but I’m trying to research this becuase I can’t pay this heater company over and over to take shots in the dark, at least if I know what I’m probably dealing with then I can clue in a qualified technician if it’s something I can’t fix myself. Replies: fitter597 “Re(1):Arcoaire RPJ II starts up and shuts dow” , posted Fri 12 Oct 21:26 ______________________________________________________________________ If your tech was qualified you wouldn’t be having this problem, any tech that comes to your home and starts replacing parts needs to be asked to leave, i would call another company and ask for a qualified tech to fix your issue. If your stat is a older style mercury and not digital you have a heat antisipator, that should be set to your furnace, if it is not set correctly you end up with the same problem you are having now, take the cover off and there should be a gold arrow and some #’s the arrow can more, move it to the longest possible setting, there will be another long arrow showing you which way to the longest or longer cycle, place it there and see if that fixes it. Pipefitters Local 597 ” We do it right the first time” d0s4d1 “Re(1):Arcoaire RPJ II starts up and shuts dow” , posted Fri 12 Oct 14:08 ______________________________________________________________________ oops sorry correction when I said glowplug I meant flame sensor sorry the ignitor never had anything to do with it sloooo “Re(2):Arcoaire RPJ II starts up and shuts dow” , posted Fri 12 Oct 17:01 ______________________________________________________________________ If you can drive your T-stat up and it runs fine but when you get closer to the setpoint it starts short cycling, it soulds like a bad T-stat. Best way to tell is to pull the thermostat head off and jumper the red and white wires (or the R and W terminal – wires colors might be different). That will remove the thermostat from the loop and if it runs fine, that would be your problem. d0s4d1 “Re(3):Arcoaire RPJ II starts up and shuts dow” , posted Sat 13 Oct 01:28 ______________________________________________________________________ thank you both! So . . . . probably a bad thermostat or improperly set thermostat? It’s a digital one, I (apparantly foolishly) bought it from the repairman used. I guess I need a new one . . . . . *sigh*…… thank you for pointing me in the right direction :)

HELP!! Still vibrating like mad!!

______________________________________________________________________ Carrier condenser outside began vibrating like crazy a couple days after it got hot by running without the fan hooked up for about 30 seconds. Replaced motor, still vibrating. Replaced fan blade STILL vibrating! Vibration starts the second it Continue reading

rudd furnace is leaking water

______________________________________________________________________ i got a rudd furnace in my 10year old house, it sits on a stand about 6inches off the ground, water drips from it now and leaves a puddle, does anyone have suggestion what to do? thanks Replies: hvac1973 Continue reading