Furnace Won’t Light

______________________________________________________________________ Turned up Thermostat and it starts the evac motor seconds go by and the furnace shuts down code shows a lock out senses flame the furnace is an Advantage 93 Ultra 5 Model # G1D93AC112D20D-1A Any help Appreciated Thanks Continue reading

Honeywell 7500 installation

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Heil thermostat and the wires are not numbered they are only colored. No numbers I can find. Is there a certain wiring diagram that I can use for this to install my 7500 correctly? Murphylake Replies: Continue reading

Help with Wiring (What is the Blue Wire)

______________________________________________________________________ I want to replace the thermostat at my apartment with one that is programmable. I know my apartment uses an Aqua Therm unit for the heat. I’ve looked at the condensing unit, but I have no idea what brand Continue reading

Carrier Cursader 58ssc090

______________________________________________________________________ Went to turn on our furnace and everything worked fine. Igniter fired up and burners kicked on. After a few times, now there is nothing. The main blower kicks on and then off and small fan kicks on and Continue reading

HW Chronotherm III to HW TH8110

______________________________________________________________________ I am changing my thermostat out. The four old wires were connected as follows: White to W Yellow to Y Green to G Blue to C I have connected the new thermostat wires as below: White to W Yellow Continue reading

How do I know the age of my equipment

______________________________________________________________________ I see a number like ANS Z21.64-1990 Does this mean that my furnace was built in 1990? I am trying to buy a house and apparently it has a problematic furnace from RUUD Model UGED-07EMAGS, serial BU5D702 M49923759 can Continue reading

Heil Furnace Model CGK075N06

______________________________________________________________________ Have problem with the furnace for the last couple weeks. When the thermostat first called for heat, I could hear the “click” but the fan would not come on. However, after wiggering the wires in the electrical control box, Continue reading

Comfortmaker Woes–Please Help

______________________________________________________________________ I have an older comfortmaker furnace that was wired to the old style dial thermostat. I had an electrician upgrade to the 2stage white-rodgers programmable model# 1f81-261. Since then life has been a living hell..for example..every time it displays Continue reading

“Trane XR90 Not Kicking On” , posted Wed 28 Nov 09:34 ______________________________________________________________________ My heater will not kick on. The diagnostic red LED is steady normal flashing, which from what I understand means it is not receiving a call for heat. I have replaced the thermostate and I still have the same problem. I am able to get to to kick on when I jump the control board. It will so perhaps it’s the control board that needs replacing?? Replies: Houston204 “Re(1):Trane XR90 Not Kicking On” , posted Thu 29 Nov 00:02 ______________________________________________________________________ If your furnace starts when you jumper R to W at your board, you have proven the problem is not at your furnace. Try jumping R to W at your stat. If jumping R to W works at the board but not at the stat. I suspect that you have a break in your stat wire between the stat and furnace. You might also verify that your connections are not loose at the stat and board. “Tip of the Day” Remember to remove power first.