Question regarding ignitor/pilot module

______________________________________________________________________ The part I’m looking at, Honeywell Q345 comes in three types. Could someone explain the difference between right/left/front single tip style? Q345 Nonprimary-aerated combination pilot burner and ignitor. Used with the S86, S860, S8610, or S8670 in intermittent pilot Continue reading

Properly Sizing of Cooling Blower

______________________________________________________________________ I hope someone can shed some light on this for me, I know nothing about blowers let alone sizing one. I figured just put a 5HP high pressure blower on it and call it good (not the case). My Continue reading

Comfort maker

______________________________________________________________________ I have a comfortmaker forced hot air gas, it’s been sitting since last spring. When I click on the themostat, the draft motor comes on for a few seconds, then clicks off, then comes on, then clicks off ….& Continue reading

Furnace Ductwork

______________________________________________________________________ I am installing a Trane TUD100R9V3K high efficience furnace in a garage area. I have the furnace sitting up on 4 cinder blocks, and the plenum box that sits on the furnace is 20X20 by 3.5 feet high. This Continue reading

armstrong 80+ help

______________________________________________________________________ The furnace will light off and burners will ignite and stay lit for 30 seconds but blower wont run. fishon Replies: ozzythewiz “Re(1):armstrong 80+ help” , posted Sat 24 Nov 20:30 ______________________________________________________________________ If the burners only last 10 seconds, Continue reading

“high suction pressure…” , posted Sun 9 Dec 00:31 ______________________________________________________________________ What kind of circumstances can cause a high suction pressure yet have head pressure well within acceptable pressures? Example: A Trane HP/EF; The heat pump(heat mode) showing pressures of 85/260 and should be around 55/260. There’s a temp split of 26 degrees, the outside temp is 50 and the indoor temp is 72. The temp came up slower than expected but still had an entering temp of 71 and a leaving temp of 97 at the furnace. Any suggestions to what would cause such a high suction pressure when everything else looks so normal? ~Brad Replies: Theduke03 “Re(1):high suction pressure…” , posted Sun 9 Dec 18:08 ______________________________________________________________________ 260 sounds high if the indoor temp is about 70. High head pressure causes high suction pressure. Dirty indoor coil, filter, fan speed, overcharged, non-condensables? just to name a few. You can’t put a price on comfort! Be Safe. bradHvac “Re(2):high suction pressure…” , posted Sun 9 Dec 18:39 ______________________________________________________________________ Yeah the head pressure was right on the money according to the PT chart, the indoor coil was clean and a brand new 4″ Honeywell filter installed….so that leaves a low fan speed and I’m not sure what you mean by non condensables. At the risk of sounding stupid, what would non-condensables be? ~Brad vapourman “Re(3):high suction pressure…” , posted Sun 9 Dec 21:50 ______________________________________________________________________ contaminated refrigerant? wrong type of refrigerant>?