power outage – now no a/c

______________________________________________________________________ the night before last, we had a power cut. a drunk driver drove into a transformer a few blocks over. at the time, the a/c was running. the power cut for a split second, then came back on for Continue reading

Honeywell T874R to RiteTemp 8050C

______________________________________________________________________ About 3 weeks ago my father who was visiting removed the honeywell T874R thermostat from our AC/Heater and installed the Ritetemp 8050C and it worked beautifully up until 3 nights ago or so when my roommate and I both Continue reading

carrier furnace no wire

______________________________________________________________________ Just bought a house with carrier gas furnace model # 58gs050-3. Does anybody know where i can get schematics to the board in this unit so i can hook up my thermostat and air conditioning condensor. The Board has Continue reading

“Goodman furnace GMPN060-3 not firing” , posted Sun 11 Nov 20:42 ______________________________________________________________________ The filament near one of the three gas outlets is not heating up. Red LED blinks three times indicating pressure switch faulty. Any troubleshooting tip will be highly appreciated. thanks, Happy vinny Replies: smythers1968 “Re(1):Goodman furnace GMPN060-3 not firing” , posted Sun 11 Nov 20:45 ______________________________________________________________________ What are you calling a filament? Is that the Hot surface ingiter (HSI)? It will not glow until you correct the pressure switch issue. Is this a 80 or 90% furnace? Life lesson #12 Know when not to do it yourself. WOW That Can Hurt!! vinny123 “Re(2):Goodman furnace GMPN060-3 not firing” , posted Mon 12 Nov 14:44 ______________________________________________________________________ Excuse my ignorance about the correct terminology. Yes, it glows & ignites the flame in the gas nozzles. If pressure switch needs to be fixed, then I’ll call a technician as I may not be able to do it. I am not sure about 80 or 90% efficency. vinny Houston204 “Re(2):Goodman furnace GMPN060-3 not firing” , posted Sun 11 Nov 23:28 ______________________________________________________________________ http://securenet.goodmanmfg.com/pdf/infoPdf/Lit/SS-209.PDF Appears to be 90% “Tip of the Day” Remember to remove power first.

Goodman Furnace GMP100-4 ignition problems

13:44 ______________________________________________________________________ I appreciate any help that can be rendered. I have a Goodman GMP100-4 Furnace 9 years old. The blower will kick on when prompted by the thermostat. The gas cycles on, does not ignite, then the gas cycles Continue reading

Cant Remember

______________________________________________________________________ How many square feet does one ton of cooling cover? Replies: tinner73 “Re(1):Cant Remember” , posted Thu 29 Nov 20:53 ______________________________________________________________________ Florida or Minnesota????? it’s all the same. Florida or Minnesota????? it’s all the same.

My Thermostat Has No Power/Heat Not Working

12:42 ______________________________________________________________________ I took the thermostat off the wall (no battery, just electrcal wiring). Wiped down connector prongs and reattached. Nothing. I went out and checked breakers they were not tripped. Went into attic and looked at my furnace (Carrier Continue reading

carrier ERROR codes

______________________________________________________________________ i have a 7 yr old carrier model# 48gs-024060301 never SERVICED. this morning awoke to no heat. Turn thromstat to OFF position and waited an hour then set thermostat to “heat” and set @ 70 degrees. IT FINALLY worked. Continue reading