Trane XE80 Problem

______________________________________________________________________ I have an XE80 and the following have been replaced: Igniter, all thermal fuses, Transformer and control board. When powered back up it blows the fuse on the board every time. What Now? WAP Replies: tinmantu “Re(1):Trane XE80 Problem” Continue reading

need help – Armstrong SX 80 main burners not

11:59 ______________________________________________________________________ I would appreciate some help in troubleshooting my girlfriend’s furnace. I am going over today with a meter to systematically check it out, but I suspect it is the Honeywell Smart valve, but I do not know and Continue reading

Replace Honeywell T8195B with Hunter 44155C

00:00: ______________________________________________________________________ I was changing my honeywell T8195b thermostat to Hunter 44155C, but I forgot to labeling the wire. Could anyone help to install the wire. And I only have 5 wires(blue,orange,red,brown/gray and yellow. I don’t what to do. Please Continue reading

“Induction draft blower Amana HE 90 furnace” , posted Sun 13 Jan 17:27 ______________________________________________________________________ I woke up the other morning and discovered I had no heat. I called to have this checked and was told I needed to have the ID blower replaced at a tune of $289.00 just for the part itself! The furnace is approximately 10 years old. Does this sound accurate? or did I get the shaft? thanks Replies: yuri “Re(1):Induction draft blower Amana HE 90 furn” , posted Sun 13 Jan 18:38 ______________________________________________________________________ Sounds reasonable. Plus labor. Also depends on the cost of living in your area vs other areas. Yuri

Turning on auxiliary heat manually. HELP!

______________________________________________________________________ I hope someone can answer this, We just had a new Goodman furnace installed with an electric heat pump. I am pleased with the system but HATE our digital thermostat because it wont let me tell the furnace to Continue reading

Coleman Furnace

______________________________________________________________________ Was working on a three year old coleman mobile home furnace today. Customer said it was 62 degrees in house this morning. When I got there it was running good but was flashing 3 times meaning pressure switch stuck Continue reading

Properly Sizing of Cooling Blower

______________________________________________________________________ I hope someone can shed some light on this for me, I know nothing about blowers let alone sizing one. I figured just put a 5HP high pressure blower on it and call it good (not the case). My Continue reading

flucuating draft inducer

______________________________________________________________________ I have a 07, rheem prestige 90 plus with comfort control furnace with a rheem modulating t stat. my problem is that when it reachs temp on the t stat the draft inducer along with the flames goes up Continue reading

Thermostat (going digital)

______________________________________________________________________ I’ve got a rookie question from a sparky by trade. I’m trying to replace my old Honeywell thermostat (mercury switches and all) though I’m not sure of the model. I’m replacing it with a Trane XT 300C…as is no Continue reading