How to run just the blower?

______________________________________________________________________ Hello I installed a wood boiler last season and have had a problem with my gas furnace limit switch not letting the blower shut down because my water to air heat exchanger is putting off heat.Could i just cut Continue reading

Bryant 80 Furnace – Front Fan motor shuts off

00:24 ______________________________________________________________________ I have a Bryant 80v furnace that is 5yrs old. It shuts off and gives 3 quick flashes and 2 long ones on the yellow peep hole light. The fan motor that is mounted on the front lower Continue reading

need help – Armstrong SX 80 main burners not

11:59 ______________________________________________________________________ I would appreciate some help in troubleshooting my girlfriend’s furnace. I am going over today with a meter to systematically check it out, but I suspect it is the Honeywell Smart valve, but I do not know and Continue reading

“Induction draft blower Amana HE 90 furnace” , posted Sun 13 Jan 17:27 ______________________________________________________________________ I woke up the other morning and discovered I had no heat. I called to have this checked and was told I needed to have the ID blower replaced at a tune of $289.00 just for the part itself! The furnace is approximately 10 years old. Does this sound accurate? or did I get the shaft? thanks Replies: yuri “Re(1):Induction draft blower Amana HE 90 furn” , posted Sun 13 Jan 18:38 ______________________________________________________________________ Sounds reasonable. Plus labor. Also depends on the cost of living in your area vs other areas. Yuri

Coleman Furnace

______________________________________________________________________ Was working on a three year old coleman mobile home furnace today. Customer said it was 62 degrees in house this morning. When I got there it was running good but was flashing 3 times meaning pressure switch stuck Continue reading

Duo Olsen Ultramax II Blower fan won’t start

14:46 ______________________________________________________________________ Was just checking my furnace for the upcoming season and found a problem. Furnace gets a start signal from the ‘stat. Induced blower starts and purges for 30 sec. Igniter lights and I have good flame in all Continue reading

questions on carrier model#25hca

______________________________________________________________________ hi I’m trying to figure out if my heat pump is a single dual speed its a carrier#25hca and also a question the the furnace carrier#fx4c I’m using a out door temp sensor it says to cut the w3/blue Continue reading

goodman furnace problem

______________________________________________________________________ can anyone help me with troubleshooting a 45k btu goodman furnace that is brand new, never fired, installed in new construction. Draft fan will not turn on to start the process. Circuit board was replaced but nothing has changed. Continue reading

“Heat Pump Problem-Compressor Shutting Down” , posted Thu 1 Nov 11:19: ______________________________________________________________________ Hello, I have looked through your forum but havent found a similar problem. I have a Goodman CPLE48-1C heat pump and a Goodman ARUF048-00A-1A air handler w/1 heat strip. The thermostat is a Honeywell RTH3100C with the following wiring. E-No wire Aux-Blue Y-Yellow G-Green O-Orange L-No wire R-Red B-No wire C-White Option 6=9, 8=9, 14=0. The system was installed late Spring of this year. The cooling portion has worked well and still does work. We recently had a cooling off, so I decided to try the heating side. The system seems to work normally when it is turned on, but after approx 50 seconds, the outside unit shuts off. The air handler continues to blow for about a minute and the shuts off. The thermostat shows a blinking Heating for about five minutes, and then the cycle starts again. I read the thermostat literature, and the blinking Heating indicated the system is in compressor protection mode. If I switch the thermostat to Emergency, the fan blows normally and the compressor remains inactive (I believe this to be normal). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Golden Rule [this message was edited by rgsperl on Thu 1 Nov 15:56] Replies: Houston204 “Re(1):Heat Pump Problem-Compressor Shutting D” , posted Thu 1 Nov 22:29: ______________________________________________________________________ Looks like your blue and white wires are crossed. Verify common at your air handler. You should also jumper Aux to E (after proving white is Aux) “Tip of the Day” Remember to remove power first. [this message was edited by Houston204 on Thu 1 Nov 23:01] rgsperl “Re(2):Heat Pump Problem-Compressor Shutting D” , posted Fri 2 Nov 07:20 ______________________________________________________________________ Houston204, Thank you. Following the advice in your response seems to have fixed the problem. Golden Rule Houston204 “Re(3):Heat Pump Problem-Compressor Shutting D” , posted Fri 2 Nov 20:53: ______________________________________________________________________ Had another poster here with the same problem, but a second poster offered an opposing opinion with his only postings ever on this site. Never heard what came of it. “Tip of the Day” Remember to remove power first. [this message was edited by Houston204 on Fri 2 Nov 22:22]