Swirlwind motor york 90

______________________________________________________________________ I have a problem with the blower motor and furnace not kicking on because of no suction to the vaccumeswitch , when vaccume is applied it works fine , my question is , can the vaccume problem be fixed Continue reading

In-line fan wiring TRANE

______________________________________________________________________ Wanting to connect an in-line fan to turn on with the main blower of the HVAC unit on a TRANE unit TUE040A924L. Need some help on the connection of the wires to ensure operation with main blower only. Staycool Continue reading

Options for programmable thermostats?

______________________________________________________________________ I have a 3 stage gas forced hot air system in my NH home, which also provides central air conditioning. There are 2 stages upstairs, each controlling half the upstairs, and a single thermostat on the first floor. The Continue reading

HvacrTalk.com is another cool site

______________________________________________________________________ Hvacrtalk.com is another cool site to see and or be, too! multiple accounts bring more help and interest of variety to the table, keep your account here and still visit or sign up ! HvacrTalk.com a Cool another cool Continue reading

3 ton electric heating unit don’t work

______________________________________________________________________ 3 ton electric unit(not a heat pump): fan motor comes on but it does heat what are the most frequent thing to go out ? i have good mech. skills just not in hvac, i did get a scematic Continue reading

Replacing 53L9001

______________________________________________________________________ I am replacing a Johnson Controls Pilot Ignition Control with the Honeywell 53L9001. I have finished the swap but it won’t run. The breaker is on, the gas valve is open and the thermostat is calling for heat, but Continue reading

Igniter failure – Lennox 80MGF

______________________________________________________________________ Lennox Value Series 80MGF4/5 140A-5 furnace is 9 years old and has igniter control built into circuit board and “clicks” when there is a heating demand but does not light the burners. i can manually light the burners so Continue reading

Ducting connection

______________________________________________________________________ I have seen return air duct connectors that look like a accordion type of material and have not been able to find it anywhere. I just recently purchased a Electronic air filter for my furnace and need to create Continue reading

Cold air leaking through ducts

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Hi efficiency Lux Aire gas furnace with insulated ducting overhead in the attic of our second story addition. We have a problem with cold air drifting into the living spaces from the overhead registers when the Continue reading