______________________________________________________________________ I have a carrier weathermaker 8000 on a call for heat it runs through it’s normal steps inducer then glow but then it only ignites sometimes and sometimes when it ignites it goes out before satisfying the T-stat. fails Continue reading

Venting Laundry Fumes into common vent

______________________________________________________________________ I live 2nd floor of new condo building…laundry from units above forcefully vents into my dryer…I hate the smell of Downy and Bleach SUnday midnights…ven has been vacummed…is there an HVAC ‘backflow’ or ‘check’ valve I can install to Continue reading

Bryant 90 plus code 31

______________________________________________________________________ My bryant 90 plus has been working fine until last night – got home, 62 degrees in house. Tech came out, and it was working (all I did was replace dirty filter). Woke up this morning and it’s 62 Continue reading

Wiring problem

______________________________________________________________________ Hello, I am having difficulty wiring a new Lux TX500 stat to a single stage heat pump. The heat pump is a one-year old Confortmaker SoftSound 1000+. The wiring diagram on the panel of the heat pump has the Continue reading

stages of thermostat failure

______________________________________________________________________ wondering if a thermostat (we have chronotherm iii may fail in stages—first, it appeared to be fine, except would not trigger air conditioning to go on—-now, not only the above problem, but now the tstat is frozen with yesterday’s Continue reading


______________________________________________________________________ I am getting no heat in my second zone? Any quick fixes? Veggie Replies: tom446 “Re(1):Honeywell, 2nd zone not working” , posted Sun 2 Dec 10:48 ______________________________________________________________________ The quick fix would be to call a contractor. If your other Continue reading

blower motor groans on start up

______________________________________________________________________ I have a single stage gas furnace (100k BTU)90% high efficiency I installed last year. It has a single speed blower which makes a groaning noise when it first comes on. As the blower gains speed(about 2 seconds after Continue reading

Burner running rich

______________________________________________________________________ Hi , I just found this site and wanted to ask a question. I have a Williamson furnace and recently I have been having trouble with a rich burning condition that leaves a deposit on the electrodes and then Continue reading

new thermostat acting strange

______________________________________________________________________ I have an old gas furnace that only has two wires that go to the thermostat. I measured the voltage using a very accurate Fluke dvm and it reported 30VAC. (hmmmm.. seems a bit high??) The original thermostat was Continue reading

installing new HUNTER 44860

______________________________________________________________________ Hello, I am having trouble hooking up this new thermostat that I purchased. I previously had a Totaline thermostat that was hooked up as follows: W=white O=no wire connected G=Green R=Red C=Black Y=Yellow There are some extra wires that Continue reading