Verify correct operation of 2 stage furnace

22:05 ______________________________________________________________________ I have an Amana amv9070 2 stage variable speed furnace which is controlled by a Honeywell RTH7500D thermostat…this furnace was installed last winter. How do I verify if the furnace is actually working on both stages…I do notice Continue reading

Properly Sizing of Cooling Blower

______________________________________________________________________ I hope someone can shed some light on this for me, I know nothing about blowers let alone sizing one. I figured just put a 5HP high pressure blower on it and call it good (not the case). My Continue reading

Comfort maker

______________________________________________________________________ I have a comfortmaker forced hot air gas, it’s been sitting since last spring. When I click on the themostat, the draft motor comes on for a few seconds, then clicks off, then comes on, then clicks off ….& Continue reading

Furnace Ductwork

______________________________________________________________________ I am installing a Trane TUD100R9V3K high efficience furnace in a garage area. I have the furnace sitting up on 4 cinder blocks, and the plenum box that sits on the furnace is 20X20 by 3.5 feet high. This Continue reading

armstrong 80+ help

______________________________________________________________________ The furnace will light off and burners will ignite and stay lit for 30 seconds but blower wont run. fishon Replies: ozzythewiz “Re(1):armstrong 80+ help” , posted Sat 24 Nov 20:30 ______________________________________________________________________ If the burners only last 10 seconds, Continue reading