“Houston204” , posted Sun 9 Dec 22:54: ______________________________________________________________________ Good evening sir, I think I remember that you are a Carrier dealer? Did you happen to get an e-mail recently from Carrier about the thing with the secondaries? It doesn’t say much but I would send you a copy if you’d like. [this message was edited by static on Sun 9 Dec 22:55] Replies: Houston204 “Re(1):Houston204” , posted Sun 9 Dec 23:27 ______________________________________________________________________ I would like that very much. Thank You. “Tip of the Day” Remember to remove power first. static “Re(2):Houston204” , posted Mon 10 Dec 01:21 ______________________________________________________________________ Ok, you got mail :p Let me know if you don’t get it, thx.

Carrier 58MSA Code 2-1 Gas Heating Lockout

13:55 ______________________________________________________________________ 5 year old carrier – experiencing code 2-1 “Gas Heating Lockout – control will not autoreset. Check for mis wired gas valve and defective control (valve relay)”. I had the limit switch replaced last year because of dirty/clogged Continue reading

Loud blower – Weil Mclain

______________________________________________________________________ I just had a gas fired Weil McLain CG Gold furnace installed. The blower motor is loud to me. Is there any way to add baffles or anything to bring the noise level down? Also, it vents to the Continue reading

trane xe70

______________________________________________________________________ when my furnace is on and blowing heat the fan makes a annoying squeeking sound…sounds as if it needs oil. Can some one give advice on what to do or where to oil fan motor????help please mike mcsha Replies: Continue reading

Payne furnaces??

______________________________________________________________________ What do you think about Payne furnaces? I need to replace my old furnace of 12 yrs due to a cracked heat exchanger and one of the brands brought up was Payne model PG9M. SLC Replies: fitter597 “Re(1):Payne furnaces??” Continue reading

Five year heat pump blues

______________________________________________________________________ Tech just told me I got a leak in system…He don’t know where but thinks its indoor a-coil…he doesn’t do leaks….gotta send out a leak check specialist..The same company that sold me this has a service agreement to check Continue reading

Honeywell RTH7500 Wiring question

______________________________________________________________________ I am switching my old thermostat (Friedrich 3AA T82 B3 C1) to a programmable Honeywell RTH7500, but I am uncertain about where to attach(/not attach) the W1, W2 and the 5. I have a Friedrich heat pump model # Continue reading

Chronotherm III Replacement Help

______________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone. I could use some help from anyone willing to provide it. I’m trying to replace a nearly 20 year old Honeywell Chronotherm III with a new Honeywell 7400. I have a Carrier Tech2000 with an FB4 fan Continue reading

Honeywell Chronotherm III

______________________________________________________________________ Hi everyone, I’ve just found out lately my Honeywell Chronotherm III thermostat no longer display the current time, and room temperature as it normally does. The display only show the present setting temperature and the ENRG SAV light is Continue reading