ruud upmc high pressure trouble

______________________________________________________________________ I have a ruud upmc-036jaz out door heat pump unit that trips the high pressure switch art a few min. in heat mode. Cleaned inside and outside coils, Freon is ok, no problem in A/c mode. Any ideas? I’m Continue reading

Rheem thermostat replacement

______________________________________________________________________ Hi, I’m trying to replace an old (20 years) Rheem thermostat with a Honeywell RTH7400D thermostat. Since the Rheem powers up the heat pump and electric furnace (and after reading the Honeywell manual), I figure this is a multistage Continue reading

how long/cost to change an outdoor unit?

______________________________________________________________________ The house I bought has a mismatched heat pump, 2 ton outside and 2.5 ton inside. We bought a matching 2.5 ton outside unit and need to have it installed. From what I understand, it is a matter of Continue reading

Honeywell Gas Valve

______________________________________________________________________ I have a honeywell gas valve Model# VR8200A 2009 and I would like to understand how it works, because at this point I have a Grinnell heating unit Model# PTO-60A Serial# Q9501256. I was call out to find out Continue reading

Honeywell F50E Wash Light Stays On

______________________________________________________________________ The air cleaner seems to be working fine. I replaced the cells and pre-filter screens but the “Wash” LED continues to stay lit on the W8600E Solid State Performance Indicator. I disconnected the W8600E and wired directly to the Continue reading

Strange blower behavior

______________________________________________________________________ My house has a very early high-efficiency furnace, sold by Sears in the early ’80s. We do not have central air. The furnace operates the way it always has over the 5 years we’ve owned the house, but a Continue reading

Goodman GMPN080-4 rev B Blower stuck?

______________________________________________________________________ Help, The first night this winter it gets down to single digits and I come home to a cold house and humming blower fan. The burners light, get hot and switch on the blower fan but it just humms Continue reading

Lennox pulse

______________________________________________________________________ I have a 1992 Lennox pulse G14-Q4-80-19(after heat exchanger problems). It’s been great. I live in MN and would like to do some preventative parts replacement to increase future reliabity. What are the parts that most commonly fail? elec Continue reading

Furnace problem

______________________________________________________________________ I have a Rheem 80 plus heating and air conditioner. The problem i am having is that the blower will not turn on. The furnace will come on and there is flames going strong. About the time the blower Continue reading

wiring new thermostat

______________________________________________________________________ I have a rheem model 41-20804-15 that i am trying to replace woth an rth7500d honeywell. the wires on the rheem are b, r, g, y, w2, and x. the system is a rheem two stage heat and, as Continue reading